Switch to Octopus Energy and claim £50 credit with my Octopus Energy Refer a Friend code olive-rhino-562. Once you’ve signed up you can share your referral code with your friends so they can benefit from receiving £50 credit just for switching to Octopus.

Octopus Energy Refer a Friend £50 Credit

Join with Octopus Energy Refer a Friend and get £50 credit

The process is straightforward, start by clicking on my Octopus Energy Refer a Friend Code here.

Once you’ve chosen the tariff that’s right for you, make the switch and the process begins. Usually, it takes around 2 weeks for Octopus to credit the £50 to both accounts.

Octopus Energy Refer a Friend

How to use my Octopus Refer a Friend Code to switch

Time needed: 10 minutes

5 simple steps to use my Octopus Refer a Friend code and claim your £50 credit

  1. Click on my Octopus Energy Referral Code link

    Click on my referral link here to get started.

  2. How to get your energy quote

    Enter your postcode to obtain your quote and receive your £50 credit just for switching to a green energy company, it couldn’t be better.

    Referred by a friend to octopus energy

  3. Tell Octopus about your energy needs

    Complete questions 1 through 4 and then click on “Quote Me”. You can view your quote online or have it emailed to you.

    Octopus refer a friend energy quote

  4. Choose your energy tariff

    Choose your energy tariff and sign up. Your £50 credit will typically show in your account within 2 weeks. Octopus have a wide range of tariffs for everyone including EV owners and those with solar panels wanting an excellent export deal.

    Choose a tariff to suit you

  5. How to get your £50 credit after switching to Octopus

    Once you have chosen your tariff, click the Sign Me Up button and complete the details about you. Once your switch is complete, your £50 credit will automatically be added to your account in about 2 weeks.

Intelligent Octopus Go is my personal choice of energy tariff

When a friend first gave us a referral code to join Octopus Energy, we chose the Intelligent Octopus Go tariff for the following reasons:

  • We have an EV and wanted cheap overnight charging
  • We have solar panels and wanted the best solar export tariff
  • We use battery storage so needed to top us at night during the winter at cheap rates
  • We have a heat pump and wanted to support a clean energy electricity company
  • Our bungalow is powered 100% by electricity

During the hours of 11.30 pm and 5.30 am (6 hours), we can charge our car and Tesla Powerwall at a whopping 7.5p per kWh which is amazing.

During the day we are charged 31.4p per kWh and when we export we receive 15p per kWh. Our standing charge is 60p per day.

Other Octopus energy tariffs available for those with Smart Meters

Don’t forget, if you use my Referral Link you’ll also receive £50 credit just for joining.

Octopus Flux

This is an excellent tariff if you have solar and an EV but it works best during the summer months between March and November.


Smart charge your car with unlimited super-cheap green electrons plus six hours for your whole home between 11:30 pm and 5:30 am.


Half-hourly electricity prices that update daily based on wholesale costs. Shift your energy use away from the 4 pm-7 pm peak to save money.


Four hours of super-low off-peak electricity every night from 12:30 am to 4:30 am. Perfect for charging an electric vehicle.

Octopus Energy Refer a Friend

Signup with a referral code and save

If you want to refer your friends to Octoupus to share the £100 referral credit, simply use my Octopus Referral Link here, and once you’ve signed up you will be able to refer your friends too!

Referring your friends to Octopus Energy is a great choice as not only are they a green energy company but also provide a wide array of electricity tariffs to choose from.

Octopus Refer your Friends Offer

Frequently asked questions

How to switch your business to Octopus Energy for £100 credit

Business Customers can switch to Octopus Energy for £100 each and Residential Customers can switch and share £100. Residential Customers can join by following my referral code and if you are a Business please follow my instructions here.

How do I become an octopus customer?

Use my Octopus Energy Referral Link olive-rhino-562 so you share in the £100 credit and choose the tariff that’s right for you. There are many tariffs available suitable for those with solar panels and also for those with EVs.

What is the new customer offer on Octopus Energy?

Use my referral link to change to Octopus Energy, then log in to your account to access your unique Octopus refer a friend link. Send it to your friends and you’ll both share in £100 credit. Use my referral link olive-rhino-562 to sign up and receive your £50 credit.

What are Octopus saving Sessions?

Octopus Savings Sessions provide special offers at certain times of the day. It’s free to join. The National Grid ESO’s Demand Flexibility Service initiative enables customers to avoid using too much electricity at peak periods and in exchange receive rewards.

Can you refer a friend to Octopus Energy?

After joining using my referral code, you will then be able to refer your friends to Octopus and share in £100 credit. It is a win-win situation for both parties and Octopus Energy has a tariff for everyone whatever your energy needs.

Does Octopus still do refer a friend?

Yes, Octopus Energy still offers refer a friend. All you have to do is click on my referral link and you can join using the Octopus Energy refer a friend scheme. We will both get £50 credit to our accounts and you will get your referral code to share with friends and family.

Octopus Refer your Friends Offer

What is the reward for switching with an Octopus Energy Refer a Friend code?

The reward for switching to Octopus using my Octopus Energy Refer a Friend link is to share in £100 credit. You will automatically receive £50 in credit once you have signed up. Once signed up you can then share your referral code with your friends to do the same.

Does Octopus Energy do Business Energy?

Yes, Octopus Energy Do Business Energy. If you use my referral link you’ll receive £100 in credit. So if you’re self-employed or a small business making the switch is perfect. Learn more here.

Does anyone have an Octopus Referral Link?

Yes, our Octopus Referral Link is https://share.octopus.energy/olive-rhino-562 for £50 credit.

Octopus Energy Refer a Friend

This Octopus Energy Refer a Friend website was established to help my friends save money and switch to a green energy company that cares about its customers.

Furthermore, you can also receive £50 credit simply by using my referral code and still benefit from being with an energy company that cares!

Octopus Referral Code Offer

What is the best Octopus Energy Tariff for you?

Octopus Energy offers many great tariffs. Each is unique with pros and cons and it can be hard to know which is best for you especially if you have solar panels and require an export tariff. Don’t worry Octopus has you covered with their range of great tariffs and with an Octopus Refer a Friend Code it can’t get much better. Below is a table that can help narrow down your choices based on your particular circumstances.

Energy usageSuggested energy tariff
Heat pumpCosy Octopus
Electric car (EV)Intelligent Octopus Go
Solar panelsOutgoing Fixed
Solar, battery storageOctopus Flux
Battery storageAgile + Outgoing Octopus
EV, solarIntelligent Octopus Go + Outgoing Fixed
EV, heat pumpIntelligent Octopus Go
EV, solar, heat pumpIntelligent Octopus Go + Outgoing Fixed
Heat pump and solarCosy Octopus + Outgoing Fixed
Nothing yetAgile Octopus or Octopus Tracker

How to earn Octopoints with Octopus Energy’s Octoplus Scheme

The new Octoplus Scheme is designed to reward loyal customers who opt-in to save energy between certain times of the day thereby reducing the load on our grid. As a reward, you get points which can then be exchanged for cash credited to your Octopus account.

After switching with an Octopus Energy referral code you can join Octoplus. Please note that you will need a smart meter setup to give ½ hour readings.

After joining you can get FREE electricity and earn Octopoints by joining in Savings Sessions, referring friends to Octopus, submitting meter readings and keeping your account up to date.

Octopus Energy Also Do Business Energy

If you are a business and want to use my Referral code you will first need to sign up on the Octopus website or call them. You will also need to let Octopus know who referred you. My referral code is olive-rhino-562. They will then add the £100 credit to your account.

Follow this handy guide explaining how to switch to Octopus Energy for Business here.